About the Authors

Earth is our home. That is why it is important that we take care of it. Not just for us but for the future generations. With the changing lifestyle and gadgets being produced, it seems to be a hard work. But it is still possible, and that is what the authors of this site would like to share.

Here are the people who run this site:


She has a lot of knowledge about the facts and happenings in the environment. She wants to share it and would want to also share tips on how we will live those. She believes that in our own small ways, we can do something for the environment.


She loves food and also loves the environment. You can definitely eat good food while thinking about the best for our planet. With that, she gives out information and tips about organic food. It will be a win-win because it involves being good for our health and our planet.


The future is for the children. With that, she gives tips and educates what they will do while they are young. All is well because they get to start and share it with others.